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Well, ready or not, the holiday season is quickly approaching. If you haven’t already, you are probably starting to think about ways to make a little spare cash this season or to stretch your dollars even further. For a lot of us, getting a second job for extra income is just out of the question with our time constraints.
Fortunately, however, I have been able to find a few money making and money saving ideas that won’t too badly infringe on the million and one things you already have to do.

Every Saturday, for the next few weeks, I will post a different tip to help you earn a little spare cash and stretch your dollars a little further this season.

This week’s tip is a really fun one:  Throw a Gold Party!

I personally love throwing parties around the holidays and this is a WIN-WIN for everyone! I was invited to one of these a while ago and had no idea of what they were.
A Gold Party is basically just a gathering of your friends, co-workers, social group, or whatever. Each person brings in their unwanted gold jewelry (rings, bracelets, chains, etc.) and will have the opportunity to have their jewelry appraised by a Professional Appraiser and purchased on the spot! People who can’t make it to the party are still able to arrange with you ahead of time to just drop their jewelry off.

So, guests leave with CASH for their jewelry and there are even extra perks for the hostess! Typically, the gold exchange company you work with will offer the following:

  • 10% of the total gold sold at the party (my friend made about $400 at her party)
  • Cash referrals for everyone who signs up to host one from your party
  • $30 for snacks and refreshments at the party!!

Did I mention that everyone wins?

To get started setting up your own gold party, you will need to contact a jewelry appraiser in your area who does gold parties. Here are a few sites I know of that you can visit to find one:

I would recommend you contact several different companies and just compare their exchange rates and hostess benefits.

Tune in next Saturday for a new Spare Cash Tip!

Here are some topics I’ve discussed in the past:

Mystery Shopping
Mystery Shopping companies will likely be really busy this season trying to make sure stores are on point with customer service. There may even be more opportunities for bonus pay for shoppers. You will need to register for these companies and get approved before they start assigning shops to you. Click here for more information on Mystery Shopping and for a list of companies to apply to.

Upromise College Savings
Upromise is an excellent program to register for because it not only provides some exclusive shopping and restaurant deals, but it also allows you to save the money you are spending regularly and apply it to a college savings program for your children or even for yourself. Click here for more information on the Upromise College Savings Program.

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